BG2 Fixpack Docs: Quest Fixes

This documentation is complete as of Version 12 and will contain game spoilers. Fixes included in the BETA Core Fixes are listed in red.

Quest Fixes

Quest Reward Bugs

Various quests had bugs and exploits when handing out quest rewards:

  • The party was not receiving 20,000 XP for opening the final seal in Watcher's Keep, another 20,000 for activating the fans on the elemental level, another 20,000 for directing the poison fumes into the ice room, and another 1,000 for rebuilding the illith rod. (ar3021.bcs, fswheel.bcs, gorgoli.bcs, itglobes.bcs)
  • Elhan erroneously grants the party 74,500 XP twice when bringing them to Suldanessellar. (c6elhan2.dlg)
  • Raissa, the girl in Trademeet who's been turned into a skin dancer against her will, can be exploited for multiple XP. If the party restores her, she can be spoken to repeatedly for her XP reward. (trskin01.dlg)
  • After using the sleeping potion in the Festhall on Brynnlaw, the party could speak to Ellie multiple times and receive an XP reward. Ellie now leaves after granting the party XP. (pircor05.dlg)
  • If you talk to Khollynnus Paac as she's trying to leave after the Solamnic Knights are being sent home, you can get the 45,000 XP reward every time. It's now impossible to speak to her as she leaves, closing the loophole. (mgkhol01.dlg)
  • If you convince Desharik to admit you to Spellhold, he rewards the party XP and then transports the party to the Asylum. As part of changing areas, the game is auto-saved. If you reload the auto-save, you can speak to Desharik again to receive the reward again, and repeat. The XP reward is moved out of Desharik's dialogue and into the script that runs after the auto-save to prevent this exploit. (ppdesh.dlg, cut41f.bcs)
  • At certain levels, killing Gromnir in Saradush could result in receiving much more than the 30,000 experience you were supposed to receive. (xplist.2da)
  • When you bring the Hand of Dace and Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard to the head in Spellhold, it rewards XP and opens the passage to the next level. If you're fast enough, the head can be spoken to multiple times for the reward. (ppridd.dlg)
  • If you assemble the rift device, defeat the Unseeing Eye, and return the drained rod to the diseased ones, there exists an exploit to receive the quest rewards more than once. After speaking to the diseased one outside the temple, he transports you inside and then initiates dialogue again. In the short pause, you can manually initiate dialogue--every time you manage to do so, another avatar appears and each one gives you XP and the Saving Grace shield. This exploit is closed. (riftm01.dlg)
  • After placing the three items to summon the avatar of Rilifane, the game grants the XP reward and then summons the avatar. If the party removes the items in the brief space of time between placing the items in the altar and the appearance of the avatar, the process can be repeated. (suavatar.dlg, sustatue.bcs)
  • If you attack Rejiek Hidesman and then try to speak with him, you can gain repeated XP rewards for exposing him. (tanner.dlg)
  • After killing the brain in the Underdark illithid lair and freeing the slaves, you can speak to the slave leader for a reward. However, the leader's dialogue is not setting a variable to prevent the dialogue from repeating--allowing the party to obtain the quest reward repeatedly by speaking with him multiple times. (udilsla2.dlg)
  • Vithal, the mage that can be freed in the Underdark, could be force-talked repeatedly for experience after returning from the air gate. (udvith.dlg)
  • When leaving, Brother Odren at Watcher's Keep could be spoken to multiple times for the XP reward. (gorodr1.dlg)
  • In the lowest level of de'Arnise Keep, the player can lure the umberhulks in the area off to a side room instead of fighting them. However, the trigger that grants the XP reward for doing this doesn't check to make sure the player hasn't already killed the umberhulks. Approaching the container where the dog stew goes also displays a nonsensical string if the umberhulks are already dead. (ar1301.bcs, umbpoly.bcs, kpumb01.cre)
  • After killing the paladins upon entering Windspear Hills, Garren Windspear appears, asks that you follow him to his cabin, and then teleports you right outside. If you just go straight to Firkraag's dungeon instead of into the cabin he appears again to inform you of the kidnapping of his son/daughter. After defeating Firkraag, you can ring up both copies (the one now outside the dungeon and the one back in the cabin) for XP. The Garren at the entrance of the dungeon now disappears at the rescue of his daughter; go to the cabin instead. (garren.bcs)
  • You can talk to Jermien multiple times at the conclusion of the Daar-Colette-Jermien quest involving the juggernaut golem in Imnesvale and receive experience points each time. (jugdar01.dlg, jugjer01.dlg)
  • Jarlaxle is supposed to give the party 2500 gold for their efforts on his behalf, however, no gold is given since Jarlaxle has none. The party now properly receives their reward. (jarlaxle.dlg)
  • Bringing Firkraag the deed to the Windspear Hills nets everyone XP except for the PC (firkra02.dlg)
  • Hannah, the woman transformed into a spider at the circus, could be spoken to multiple times for an XP reward. (kftown02.bcs, kftown02.cre)
  • Depending on the quality of the play, the Council Member can give 1,000 gold as a reward. None was actualy handed over since the person had no gold. (bdcoun01.dlg)
  • Corgeig Axehand could be exploited for infinite XP after the conclusion of Nalia's personal quest. (corgeig.dlg)
  • The Avatar was only handing out XP for defeating the Empathic Manifestation in one of three dialogue branches. (riftg03.dlg)
  • Rylock could reward the party 200 or 300 gold, but the player always received 125 gold, as that's what he actually had on his person. (rylock.cre)


Stronghold Errors and Exploits

The stronghold quests were put under the microscope, and several issues were addressed:

  • de'Arnise Keep (ar1303.bcs, ar1304.are, ar1305.are, ar1306.are, ar1307.are, kpdomo.dlg, kpforge.bcs, kpglai01.cre, kpglai01.dlg, nalia.dlg, naliaj.dlg)
    • The forge used to create the Flail of Ages is supposed to work after the player has obtained the stronghold, but it was not due to variable scope issues in the script. In addition, if the party assembles the Flail of Ages piece by piece they can miss various XP rewards.
    • If the player is eligible, Nalia will offer the de'Arnise Keep as a stronghold, however, Nalia omits the check to see if the player already has a stronghold in several of the branches, allowing the player to acquire more than one stronghold.
    • When encountering Glaicus, the party is supposed to be able to counter-charm Glaicus instead of fighting him; this was failing because the area script was un-charming him with a version of dispel magic that almost always failed. The party is also now able to dispel the charm from Glaicus.
    • If you asked the majordomo about raising taxes in your initial dialogue, it would transfer the dialogue to a new node of questions. The upshot of this is that Delcia would never get her bit of dialogue to storm out, meaning she would darken your great hall forever. You could also never get back to the initial round of questions.
    • If the party saves Glaicus after TorGal's death, they never received his flail head.
    • When you first meet Nalia, you can demand cash up front. If you then back out, you can repeat this dialogue over and over, getting gold infinitely.
    • Once you claim the Keep as a stronghold, all of the map notes now carry over.
  • Druid Grove (ar0020.bcs, cechalle.dlg, dgdru01.bcs, druidad.cre, druidad.bcs)
    • Flydian remains in the City Gates, ready to hand out the quest to rescue Trademeet, even after Trademeet has already been rescued. He now goes away if Trademeet's troubles have already been settled.
    • You must be level 14 to challenge for the title of Great Druid in the Druid Grove. However, Master Verthan was checking the fighter level, not druid level, for multi- and dual-class fighter-druids.
    • The messenger that summons the PC back to the grove to challenge for Great Druid status can end up with a 'no valid replies or links' error if not spoken to prior to the player becoming Great Druid (he now leaves if this happens).
    • On their way through the druid grove, the party encounters a group of druids fighting trolls. If the druids could not see any party members, the druids would display 'Foul unnatural creatures!' without any trolls present.
  • Five Flagons Playhouse (ar0522.bcs, ar0523.bcs, bdhigg01.dlg)
    • The player could continue to earn income from the theater after selling it to Higgold. The playhouse could also be sold more than once.
    • Meck would also sometimes fail to spawn after the conclusion of the stronghold quests and Jenna would move to the wrong spot after some events.
    • The portal to the planar prison could be left open under some circumstances.
  • Noble Order of the Radiant Heart (ar0415.bcs, ar0903.bcs, demson.dlg, kaypal02.bcs, kaypal03.bcs, kaysmg04.bcs, plfarm04.cre, plfarm05.cre, plfarm06.cre, plgirl01.bcs, plgirl01.cre)
    • In the course of the paladin stronghold, the PC must protect Tyrianna from assassins until her relative arrives. The quest can be broken in many simple ways, such as going up or down the stairs. The quest is now more tightly controlled via cut scene to prevent it from being broken.
    • Under certain outcomes, Tyrianna would never leave at the conclusion of her quest.
    • Killing the squatters in the Baron Metrich quest would erroneously cause the townspeople to go hostile.
    • The player could not rest in the NORH once they became a member.
    • Several actors in the fallen paladin-smuggler fight had bad targeting in their scripts, causing them to try and attack a foe that was already dead in lieu of valid targets.
    • When you are tasked to aid the paladins in the fight in the Umar Hills, you recieved more XP if one of your allies was slain than if you managed to save all of them.
    • The various checks for the farmers during the Baron Metrich quest was not checking all of them correctly.
  • Planar Sphere (ar0411.bcs, ar1002.are, ar1002.bcs, lavok.dlg, lavok02.bcs mgass01.cre, mgteos01.dlg, obssol01.bcs)
    • If you refuse to take Lavok outside after returning the Planar Sphere to Athkatla, Lavok will give the sphere to mage PCs without checking if the PC already has a stronghold.
    • Lavok has an invincibility item so that he can survive attacks from the player and still deliver his required dialogue to advance the plot and allow the party to escape the planar sphere. He's also assigned a script that kills him instantly if the item is removed. In Lavok's dialogue, this item is removed during the course of his final dialogues (a small syntax error here is fixed). Occasionally, the script will kick in and kill Lavok before he is able to deliver his final dialogue. This is most prevalent when he is taken outside, as he can die before offering the player the sphere as a stronghold. As Lavok's final dialogues already kill him at their conclusion, the removal of the invincibility item is unnecessary--the action is removed to prevent him from dying prematurely.
    • If the player sneaks up and kills Lavok before his initial dialogue--say, via backstab--he'll transform, give his opening dialogue, and go hostile, breaking the quest and trapping the player in the sphere.
    • Under rare circumstances, the assassins in the planar sphere would fail to spawn due to engine quirks with creating creatures via dialogue; the spawning is now passed to the area script instead
    • Ketlaar Argrim and two bodyguards hang out in the Council building in the government district. If Ketlaar is killed or imprisoned he disappears from the Council building--but his bodyguards remain forever. When Ketlaar is removed, his bodyguards now disappear as well.
    • When you defeat Lavok, his dialogue hands out reward XP in only one of the three dialogue responses.
    • In some unusual circumstances, Lavok could stutter instead of starting his dialogue after you defeat him.
    • The apprentices could sometimes fail to advance the plot if interrupted while making their various sparklies.
    • If you hire Khollynnus Paac to send the Solamnic Knights home, she can sometimes do it from offscreen when you enter the sphere.
    • Sergeant Natula is supposed to initiate dialogue, but it could be flaky.
    • Due to a typo, Sergeant Natula would not spawn in some circumstances.
  • Ranger Cabin (delon.bcs, delon.dlg)
    • Under a few dialogue branches, Delon can give the party the quest to investigate the killings in the Umar Hills but not add the area to the map. Delon also has a number of minor script errors, such as not leaving when he's supposed to and not realizing the party has spoken to Minister Lloyd. He could also use the wrong overhead message.
  • Cleric Strongholds (ar0900.bcs, ar0901.bcs, ar0902.bcs, ar0904.bcs, arval.bcs, bharval.dlg, bhoisig.dlg, bhnalla.dlg, borinall.dlg, scsain.dlg, travin.dlg)
    • Cleric-rangers are not offered the Lathander temple as a stronghold, though all other variants of clerics are eligible. This is altered so that cleric-rangers can now acquire the Lathander temple as their stronghold instead of the Umar Hills ranger cabin. All other temple quest givers now also check for cleric-rangers, even though they can only be good by default.
    • If the player was stripped of the Helm temple, the party was still able to rest there due to a bad variable scope.
    • Dual-classing to a good or evil cleric in the middle of the temple quest broke all kinds of stuff.
  • Thieves' Guild (ar0321.bcs, ar0322.bcs, ar0323.bcs, ar0324.bcs, baldur.bcs, joster.bcs, lathalrm.bcs, maevar.dlg, shthlt01.dlg, shth04.dlg)
    • There were a number of ways the player could avoid paying guild dues to Renal Bloodscalp.
    • The floating text above the PC's head could also be unnecessarily repeated.
    • The player could not rest in the Guild once acquired.
    • As part of the quests to expose Mae'Var, a logic error in a script was causing an invisible character stealing the Statuette of Lathander to get caught.
    • Mae'Var is not supposed to direct parties with a Morninglord in them to steal from the Lathander temple, but he wasn't consistently making this check.
    • You can ask your thieves about how you're doing as a guildmaster, except for Morsa.

Romance-Related Fixes

  • The Fixpack includes some of the scripting fixes from the deprecated Ease of Use mod. The fixes mainly re-order scripting blocks into a better order, fix triggers, etc. (aerie.bcs, anom25.bcs, anomen.bcs, jahe25.bcs, jaheira.bcs, viconia.bcs)
  • A half-orc PC should be able to initiate the Viconia romance, but a bad trigger in the main game script was preventing this. (baldur.bcs)
  • Aerie and Viconia use a number of variables to track the progression of their romance. Both set their romance active variables upon joining, regardless of whether the PC is actually romanceable by them (i.e. player is female or not one of the allowed races). Despite the romance being set to active, it never actually starts because the match variable is not set. However, other characters such as Bodhi only check the active variable and thus mistakenly act as if the romance is active. (aerie.dlg, viconi.dlg)
  • Anomen's personal quests--the issues with Saerk and his trial for joining the Noble Order of the Radiant Heart--would not work at all for female PCs whom he could not romance. For male PCs, his dialogue would set variables to initiate the quest; for females he would start the romance--which would initiate the quests as the romance progressed. The problem is that the while it set variables to start the romance, the romance won't proceed unless the PC is a human, half-elf, elf, or halfling. This would leave non-romanceable female PCs no way to actually proceed in the romance or to start the quests, and falsely identify them as actively romancing Anomen when checked by Bodhi or other characters. His dialogue now checks the variable set if the player is romanceable instead of a straight male/female check (non-romanceable females now get the proper variables set as if they were male), allowing the quests to proceed. (anomen.dlg)
  • Because of a disagreement between his script and dialogue triggers, Galvarey would stutter if the party returned to the Harper HQ and Jaheira was invisible. His dialogue and script have been altered to remove this issue. (jagalvar.cre, jagalvar.dlg)
  • If you kick Jaheira out after returning to the Harper Hold and killing Galverey, she protests that you have to go to the Harper Hold in Athkatla, even though you've already been there and confronted Galverey. (jaheirap.dlg)
  • Lucette, the harper assassin, should kill Xzar at the conclusion of this quest. Lucette, however, could be interrupted by dialogue and fail to kill Xzar. This sequence can no longer be interrupted by dialogue. (harpass1.bcs)
  • The priest in the Oghma Temple in the Docks is supposed to be able to help the PC cure their love interest of vampirism. However, in one branch of the dialogue a trigger was requiring that the party have the vampiric bodies of all four BioWare love interests, which is impossible. The trigger now only checks for one of the four bodies. (doghma.dlg)
  • The elven war sages in Elhan's camp have information to help the PC cure their romantic interest of vampirism in chapter 6. However, the trigger to get this information was overly restrictive so the PC would not be able to receive this information as appropriate. (warsage.dlg)
  • Baron Ployer's curse can kill Jaheira outright if she has too few hit points originally. If this happens in mid-conversation, it will break the game. The cut scene with Ployer has been altered to prevent this. (spin919.spl)
  • With Aerie, a variable to track whether you slept with her was not being set. Also, two of the dialogue options would leave the romance in perpetual 'in progress' status, despite being the last love talk in SoA. (baerie.dlg)
  • If you add Aerie, Jaheira, or Viconia in chapter six and are a romantic match, they will immediately comment about the PC and Phaere--despite not being in the party at the time. Additional checks are added to ensure these talks only occur in the Underdark. (aerie.bcs, aeriej.dlg, jaheira.bcs, jaheirj.dlg, viconia.bcs, viconij.dlg)
  • After leaving with Meronia, when Jaheira returns she will respawn and repeat her dialogue if you refuse to go. (jaheirap.dlg)
  • Various spawns in Jaheira's romance path are occurring in areas that can change or be preempted by other events, making the events likely to fail or get missed. (jaheira.bcs)

Journal Entry Errors

  • When you are trapped by the illithid in their Underdark lair, you encounter doors that either require you to transform into the slayer or to use one of the illithid to open them for you. When you first encounter one of these doors, they set a journal entry that is erased when the door is opened. However, if you open the doors quickly enough these script blocks can fire in reverse order, resulting in a journal entry that will remain forever. An additional check is added to prevent the journal entry if the door is already opened. (uddoor2.bcs, uddoor3.bcs)
  • Due to a bad variable scope, a journal entry from Firkraag's dungeon was not being created. (ar1202.bcs)
  • When speaking to the guard outside the circus tent in the Promenade, he does not add journal entries if Minsc or Yoshimo interject their comments at the end of his dialogue. The journal entries now appear if they interject. (circg1.dlg)
  • Mekrath can send the party on a mission to retrieve a mirror from an imp and sets a journal entry to go with it. After completing the mission, under certain dialogue branches, Mekrath was not clearing the journal entry. Similarly, if the party later decides to simply kill Mekrath the journal entry would remain. Both of these instances are now fixed. (ar0705.bcs, mekrat.dlg)
  • When you defeat TorGal with Nalia in the party, the player's journal would get two nearly identical entries in their journal. (naliaj.dlg)
  • Imoen has an additional journal entry to add while in the opening dungeon. (imoenj.dlg)
  • If you refuse to help her, Jaheira was not setting a journal entry about the Ployer curse when she leaves the party. (jaheiraj.dlg)
  • Two of Teos' journal entries about the Planar Sphere apprentices were only being added to specific replies instead of all of them. (mgteos01.dlg)
  • If Nalia travels to the keep separately for the troll invasion, her journal entry wasn't always being set. (nalia.dlg)
  • Two of the Solamnic Knights were not setting journal entries on all replies. (obssol02.dlg, obssol03.dlg)
  • If you pay Ribald for help sending the Solamnic Knights home, he sometimes would not add a journal entry to that effect. (ribald.dlg)
  • If you work for Bodhi, two journal entries about Gaelan Bayle never get cleared. (bodhi.dlg)
  • The 'Tracking Irenicus' journal entry from the Underdark is not being set consistently and never goes away. (c6elhan2.dlg, udduer01.dlg)
  • When advising Glinden about his unfaithful wife, only one of three branches was properly setting the associated journal entry. (clglin01.dlg)
  • One of the journal entries while rescuing the de'Arnise Keep was put into the general journal area instead of in-progress quests. (daleson.dlg, kpcapt01.dlg)
  • Elgea was attempting to remove the wrong journal entry. (elgea.dlg)
  • Attacking Firkraag could result in some leftover journal entries, or the wrong ones set. (dragred.bcs, firkra02.dlg)
  • Gaelan's journal entries go rather pear-shaped if you give him the 20,000 gold on the first meeting. (gaelan.dlg)
  • Hendak was not consistently setting the journal entry for refusing to help him. (hendak.dlg)
  • There was a journal entry for getting the golem to open doors in the opening dungeon. (igolem01.dlg)
  • Lehtinan was trying to remove the wrong journal entry. (lehtin.dlg)
  • If you agree to help Mazzy on her personal quest and then later back out, the initial journal entries never clear. (mazzyj.dlg)
  • If you set Palern Flynn free, he was not always setting a journal entry. (palern.dlg)
  • Getting into Spellhold via Perth was failing to clear two journal entries. (ppcowled.dlg)
  • Frenedan only set journal entries on a few branches of his dialogue. (shape.dlg)
  • You can get a 'Talos was well served' journal entry as you get kicked out of the temple. (talvilon.dlg)
  • If you pickpocket the Genie's Flask from the dryads, you do not get a journal entry for it. This fix also suppresses asking the dryads for the flask if you already have it. (ar0602.bcs)
  • The journal entry in Merella's cabin mentioned the note and journal, but gets set if you only have one. It now waits for both. (ar1102.bcs)

Ust Natha Quest Fix Roundup

  • The tasks you perform in Ust Natha for Phaere are, for the most part, on timers. The game uses two variables to track this: one variable that contains the actual timer, and another to determine if the timer is active. When one of the timed quests is given, the timer is set and the other variable is set to active. When a quest is completed, the second variable is set to inactive. Phaere instructs you to go the temple and meet her and Mother Ardulace, and the timer is set. However, meeting Mother Ardulace does not deactivate the timer. This can result in the timer expiring and the city going hostile despite performing all of Phaere's tasks correctly. (udphae01.dlg)
  • If the player speaks to Phaere more than once after she assigns the Eye Tyrant quest, she becomes unresponsive when you encounter her at the platform, thus preventing the appearance of the beholder and preventing the player from completing the Ust Natha quests. (udphae01.dlg)
  • If anything causes Ust Natha to go hostile between the time the Matron Mother closes the city and the summoning ritual begins, the player would be permanently trapped and unable to continue the game. (udphae01.dlg)
  • Phaere will turn on you if you do not convince her of your loyalty when she proposes to eliminate Matron Mother Ardulace. As part of this, she exposes you and Ust Natha goes hostile. In one of these branches, the city does not go hostile due to a typo when setting the hostile Ust Natha variable. An additional issue of Phaere having a malformed action to leave is also addressed. (udphae01.dlg)
  • While in Ust Natha, Taso Kala asks your party to eliminate the last of a sect of Ghaunadar followers. If you tarry too long and speak with Taso Kala again, she tries to reset the timer to one day but instead sets it to one second. (dadrow17.dlg)
  • The drow guarding Adalon's eggs will sound the alarm even if the PC is invisible. (udeggs.bcs)
  • In the initial mission with Solaufein, you are tasked with rescuing Phaere. If Solaufein is incapacitated during the fight, Phaere's post-rescue dialogue will break when she tries to pass it off to Solaufein. Worse, this will cause the necessary variables to not be set correctly with no way of continuing the Ust Natha quests. Phaere will now check Solaufein to make sure he's not incapacitated and, if necessary, cast Dispel Magic on him. (udphae01.bcs)
  • When you first enter Deirex's area, a cut scene begins and he imprisons you (where you end up speaking with Jaraxle). The party's action queues are not properly cleared, however, and party members often ended up attacking and even killing a hapless Deirex during this sequence. (ar2207.bcs, jarlich.cre)
  • If you killed the tortured genie to set him free, the Handmaiden demands monetary recompense but doesn't actually take your money. (dadrow12.dlg)
  • If you purchase the umber hulks, the merchant does not take your money. (dadrow16.dlg)
  • Interrupting Solaufein while he's pulling the mind flayers out of the astral plane breaks everything. (udsola01.bcs, udsola01.dlg)
  • When Solaufein finally confronts you about not being drow, how you answer is supposed to affect the next conversation, but the proper variables were not being set. (udsola01.dlg)
  • When you initially meet the gate guard, Viconia interjects and can have duplicate replies available. These replies are supposed to be for each gender. (viconij.dlg)
  • If the city gates get sealed, you have to kill Matron Mother Ardulace to open them and escape. However, she is scripted to disappear as soon as the alarm sounds. (dwplot.bcs)
  • Beating Phaere to the door after she tries to seduce you results in a lot of stuff breaking. (udpahe01.bcs)
  • The trigger that causes Solaufein to appear and confront you about the egg switch can be set off by any creature, often resulting in you having a conversation with Solaufein from across Ust Natha. (udsoltri.bcs)

City of Caverns Exploit

By standing in the right place just north of the sea zombie lord, the player could initiate dialogue with the rebel sahuagin chieftain. This allows the party to see the prince without having to run through the rebel ambush and, more importantly, skip the old drow section of the city to get Sekolah's tooth. (ar2300.bcs)

Asylum Scripting Bugs

The game could be irrevocably broken in two different ways when entering Spellhold. If the party gained entry via the wardstone and then attacks Irenicus, under rare circumstances he would disappear and initiate dialogue from another area, breaking a number of post-Spellhold maze triggers and, ultimately, looping back and trapping the player in the experiment jar. The other game-breaker would occur only if the player got admitted by the Pirate Lord, declined his offer, then acquired the wardstone and entered Spellhold. Under these circumstances, Irenicus would not greet the player, no doors would be open, and the trap on the bridge would be reactivated, trapping the party. If you kill Lonk the Sane and then immediately retreat down the stairs, it can sometimes break the cutscene that follows. If the player attacks Irenicus without the aid of the Asylum inmates, Irenicus is supposed to just kill the party outright. However, Death Ward could prevent this. (ar1515.bcs, cut41k.bcs)

Hell Fixes

There were several errors and exploits available in the SoA finale. (ar2900.bcs, ar2901.bcs, ar2902.bcs, ar2903.bcs, ar2904.bcs, ar2905.bcs, cut59a.bcs, cut85a.bcs, hellself.dlg, spin658.spl, spin747.spl, spin749.spl, spin750.spl, spin751.spl, spin753.spl, spin755.spl, spin765.spl, spin766.spl, spin767.spl, spin768.spl, spin769.spl, spin770.spl, spin771.spl, spin772.spl, teardoor.bcs)

  • The player could avoid the Selfish test immobilization of their party member due to a brief delay between the end of the dialogue and the hold spell cast on the party member.
  • In the fear trials in hell, the fear spell bypasses magic resistance, but one of the cosmetic effects (the sound that plays when the fear expires) is not set to bypass magic resistance. This results in a spurious 'magic resistance' message if the target passes their magic resistance check, even though they still suffer all of the effects of the spell.
  • When the eye door opens in hell for the SoA finale, the party is blown back… except for summoned creatures and your familiar. This is altered so that characters, summons, and familiars are all pushed back.
  • Various penalties could be resisted by spell protections (notably Spell Immunity) in the Selfish trial
  • Some attribute penalties were being applied with the wrong timing mode, causing them to appear red on the character sheet, instead of permanent adjustments.
  • Doors in the Selfish Trial must now be opened sequentially, and one of the two final doors must be open for the demon to speak with you
  • If an alignment change occurs because of taking the evil path in the trials, the lawful-chaotic aspect of the alignment will be preserved (i.e. a chaotic neutral becomes chaotic evil instead of the current change to neutral evil)
  • The spells that provide rewards for the evil path in the hell trials had wonky targeting and power levels, potentially causing them to not work.
  • Ranger or paladin PCs taking the evil path in any of the hell trials should immediately fall.
  • If the player already has the tear, the Fear demon should go away and stop trying to offer the cloak to the party.
  • Characters killed in the final fight should have their equipment piles follow them to ToB.

Unseeing Eye XP Exploit, Quest Breakage

  • Down in the Unseeing Eye's lair, there were actions (such as a save) that could prevent the appearance of the Unseeing Eye after constructing the rift device. This is caused by a scripted delay between the construction of the Rift Device from its component parts and the appearance of the Unseeing Eye. The delay has now been changed into a timer as a more robust solution.
  • Both ways of summoning the Unseeing Eye (via Gaal or constructing the rift device) will only work if the Eye has not already appeared.
  • A script block from another area (ar0701, the Temple Sewers) would also sporadically trigger (though this shouldn't even be possible), causing crashes and sometimes killing the player when they retrieved the rod. The offending blocks now have additional safeguards to prevent them firing in inappropriate areas.
  • If the third question of the guardian bridge in the Unseeing Eye quest was answered incorrectly, the scripting failed and the bridge could not be activated again, which broke the Unseeing Eye quest.
  • The empathic manifestation at the forgotten Amaunator temple can only be defeated by casting a beneficial healing spell on it. However, there was a loophole that also caused the manifestation to die if the party left, rested, and returned.
  • After you met Gaal but before the Unseeing Eye was defeated, his prophets were supposed to be preaching across Athkatla. However, bad variable scope prevented the additional prophets from spawning.
  • The minor cutscene where a person gets sacrificed to the Unseeing Eye can be interrupted and broken.

(ar0202.bcs, ar0205.bcs, ar0500.bcs, ar0700.bcs, ar0701.bcs, clcut01.bcs, csgaal.dlg, prophet.bcs, riftcr04.bcs, riftg01.bcs)

Tamoko Running Away Prevents Completion of Pocket Plane Challenge

In the Pocket Plane challenge where the PC must face himself, Tamoko is included. She has a generic script assigned that, under certain circumstances, can cause her to flee and disappear, preventing the completion of the challenge. She now uses a slightly modified script so that she retains her current behavior but no longer runs away. Other creatures using these scripts--Angelo and one of the bounty hunters--also should not be running away. (cdtamoko.bcs, chtaz02.cre, gparcher.bcs, gpkensai.bcs)

Uder Mordin Could Assign Completed Imprisoned Mage (Vithal) Quest in Underdark

Uder Mordin, one of the three duergar merchants in the Underdark, gives the party information to start the quest to free and help Vithal, the imprisoned mage. Because he has completely separate dialogue branches depending on the appearance of the party (disguised as drow or not) he could initiate the quest even though it was already completed. (udduer02.dlg)

Twisted Rune Fixes

  • The entrance to Shangalar's lair requires a rogue stone. During the cut scene that transports the party, the rogue stone is taken from the party and then the party gets moved, forcing a save. Because the rogue stone is taken before the move, reloading from the save means the party no longer has the stone. The order of actions in the cut scene is altered so that the rogue stone is taken after the auto-save. (tran1008.bcs)
  • If Shangalar is killed quickly when entering the Twisted Rune HQ from the bridge district he never gets a chance to spawn his cronies, including Vaxall. Without the eyestalk from Vaxall the party is unable to leave the area. The area script is altered such that Vaxall and the other Twisted Rune members are still spawned in these circumstances. (ar1008.bcs)

Umar Hills Kids Only Take One Bastard Sword

Dirbert, Valsben, and Neler are the three boys in the Umar Hills that ask the PC to get them ale and bastard swords. If the PC gets swords for them, in certain dialogue branches the boys only take one of them instead of all three. A second bug was fixed where Dirbert would only accept the bastard swords if the party had exactly three. (uhkid01.dlg)

Mazzy-Gorf Encounter Fixes

Gorf's initial dialogue is missing a trigger condition to ensure it doesn't repeat, which can cause Gorf to get caught in a loop of spawning and killing peasants then speaking again. Gorf also spawns well away in the Copper Coronet and can get lost with bad pathing, so he's spawned slightly closer to reduct issues. (ar0406.bcs, gorf1.dlg, gorf.bcs)

Vampires Transforming to Gas Prevents Conclusion of Quest for Aran Linvail

If the PC works for Aran Linvail in chapter three, the final task is clearing out Bodhi's lair. Three key vampires, Lassal, Durst, and Gellal, must be driven back to their tombs and staked. However, the vampires could sometimes be killed too quickly, preventing the tombs from becoming 'stakeable' via the scripted actions. An additional safeguard, added as scripting to the area, will now allow the player to still stake the vampires in case this occurs. (ar0801.bcs)

NORH Ally in Bodhi's Lair Turn Allies Against Party

The party can enlist help from the Noble Order of the Radiant Heart when going to face Bodhi. The NORH sends Eric Van Straaten who, unfortunately, is assigned a copy of Harbinger--Harbinger will occasionally cause a fireball on a successful hit, damaging enemies and allies alike. Because the damage appears to be coming from an ally it drives anyone recruited to help the party away. The fireball effect is removed from Van Straaten's sword. We also alter his stats to bare minimum paladin stats, as they were previously all 9s. (c6eric.cre, c6eric3.cre, cdsw2h07.itm)

Additional Hero Quests in Trademeet Wait Until Hero is Officially Named

In Trademeet Jenia would initiate her quest, referring to the PC as the Hero of Trademeet, prior to the official ceremony that designates the PC as such. This component changes Jenia to wait until the ceremony to initiate her quest. (ar2000.bcs)

Player Trapped at Tree of Life

When the player tries to travel to the Tree of Life it disables the tree that provides the nuts that provide transitions between the areas in the actual Tree. If the player does not gather these first, it would leave the player trapped and unable to complete the game. (player1.dlg)

Limited Wish Quest Fixes

Grae has an item equipped that prevents her from being killed so she can deliver her second dialogue to the party to further the plot in the Limited Wish quest. If the party lets her go, she can sometimes be killed as she escapes by an arrow or bullet that was on its way to hitting her. This is caused by a premature destruction of her 'invincible' item by her script; the item is now destroyed only by her dialogue in hostile branches. The quest can also be broken by Vittorio appearing slightly behind the wall, just out of sight of Dennis. This causes their dialogue to fail, preventing the quest from advancing. If the party casts (Limited) Wish via a projected image, the scroll given to start the quest is given to the image with no way for the party to recover it short of killing the image. The scroll is now always given to the PC, regardless of the summoner. You can ask Roger in the sewers about the gong repeatedly. The Limited Wish quest could be started in ToB, even though the party had no way to finish it. If the player starts the Limited Wish quest prior to visiting the Bridge District, the area is not revealed when you enter. (ar0500.bcs, grae.dlg, grae.bcs, lout.dlg, roger.dlg, wish.dlg)

Brynnlaw Vampire Attack May Prevent Quest From Advancing

If you take Aran Linvail's help in reaching Brynnlaw, three of Bodhi's vampires would attack you upon arrival. If any of them turn to mist and escape instead of being killed, the script to advance the plot further stalls, as it is only explicitly checking for the deaths of all three vampires. The script now accounts for them being driven off instead of killed. (ar1600.bcs)

Errors While Leaving Brynnlaw with Saemon Havarian

There were numerous errors that could occur in the sequence of events in the party's passage from Brynnlaw to the City of Caverns. Brynnlaw Saemon could interject into the ship sequence in the middle of the ocean, party members with AI enabled could attack during the cut scenes, and all sorts of other miscellany could go wrong. This is an extensive fix and owes much to the intense scrutiny of Roana. (ar1600.bcs, cut41q.bcs, cut41zf.bcs, cut41zg.bcs, ppsaem2.bcs, ppsaem3.dlg, ppsailor.dlg)

Samia's Party Spawns Without Her

Samia recruits you in Firkraag's lair to retrieve some items, then turns and ambushes you later. Even if you kill her right away, her party is supposed to turn up later. (akae.dlg, ar1202.bcs)

Haz Can Die to Dead Grimwarders

Haz meets you with his golem to open the doors to Bodhi's lair. He is scripted to die to the Grimwarders, but can be saved. Unfortunately, the triggers for this don't bother to check if the Grimwarders were already dead, so he always dies. (arnfgt06.bcs, arnfgt06.dlg)

Copper Coronet Guards Shouldn't Turn Patrons Hostile

After you expose the slaving at the Copper Coronet, attacking the complicit guards should no longer trigger the patrons turning hostile. (guard3.dlg)

Bhaal in Spellhold Dream Should be More Reliable

The vision of Bhaal during your Spellhold dream sequence could be a bit flaky initiating dialogue, or fail to do so outright. (ppbhaal.bcs, ppbhaal.dlg)

Player Can Get Permanently Trapped in the Planar Prison

The player can get permanently trapped int he Planar Prison if they kick out Haer'Dalis during the conduit summoning. (raelis.dlg)

Jaella and Lissa Can Die, Even if Cured

Even if you cure Jaella and Lissa, they die if you don't talk to Jan before the quest timer expires. This is no longer the case. (jaella.bcs, lissa.bcs)

Haz Can Escape with the Shadow Thief Key

If you side with Bodhi, your final mission is to invade and destroy the Shadow Thief guild. Haz holds a required key to the inner sanctum, but he can escape through a nearby door since it's not properly connected to the area transition. (ar0329.are)

Player Can Avoid Slayer Death

If you remain as the slayer long enough, you die to show you losing your will to the slayer. Mechanically, the game kills you by dumping a lot of magic damage on you, which could be avoided by spells and items that reduce magic damage. (spin823.spl)